Discover Your Personality Using Your Instagram Pics

A lot of people in the world use the Instagram app, this app is no more just a digital album photo from a long time, so many people use it today for sales and promoting products on the internet, also from another side photos and filters in that app can say a lot about you staring from your health till your personality. Learn how to discover your personality using your Instagram pics.

What the right color and filter for your Instagram pictures

Your Instagram Pics Can Say More About You Than You Might Think
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In the Sungkyunkwan university scientists analyzed the Instagram profile of more than 179 people 25,398 photos in general, in this study they focused on color because it’s the key element of style. They found out that people that have a relationship post bright pictures more than people who are not in a relation.

Also, Harvard University and Vermont university made researches about this subject and analyzed 43950 pictures in Instagram and they find out that people with depression post fewer pictures also the main focus in their photos is their face, more than that those people don’t use filters a lot and when they do the grey-blue and dark ones are their favorites the also post a lot of black and white pictures.

The theme of a photo is important

Your Instagram Pics Can Say More About You Than You Might Think
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If you are a person who doesn’t like seeing a lot of food pictures on your Instagram feed, they can be beneficial, the studies have shown that people who share their food pictures or recipes are more often t lose weight and stay in good shape or even lose weight more than those who don’t it’s actually to your profile to a diet journal especially if you have a lot of likes and comments on it witch a lot eating healthy food.

On the side a lot of people think that those who post lots of pictures with their partner are trying to disguise problems they have in their relation.

Also the Comments like “my girl” or “my man” can be a sign of possessiveness.

What’s more, your profile can say about you too?

Your Instagram Pics Can Say More About You Than You Might Think
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Studies found out too that young person under 25 years less to smile in the pictures they post this result was found in the college of sciences and technology in Pennsylvania

Also, people who tag their friends in pictures are less lonely, than others who don’t tag anyone and that doesn’t help motivating others for discussion.

When we talk about selfies we find out there are 3 groups of selfies lovers there is the autobiographers the communicators and the self-publicists

Your Instagram Pics Can Say More About You Than You Might Think
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The first ones take those selfies in fact to capture memorable moments so they make the selfies for then self not caring about others seeing it or not, the communicators take and share selfies to get new subscribers the self-publicists like to share everything they do in their lives with their fans or followers, for example, the Kardashian family is self-publicists.

So it just some tips to know your personality using your Instagram pics.


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