5 Little-known Simple Relationship Truths are hidden for years

Relationship Truths: There are many articles written about relationships that it’s difficult to determine which right and not.

AWV has collected some relationship statuses that should you discard immediately.

5. There must be a passion at the beginning.

Not all relationships start with unbelievable infatuation. Therefore, you should pay attention to a sense of security and comfort that you feel (or not) not only to passion and sparks next to a person.
The important thing is if you can laugh together and build trustworthy with each other.

4. The same interests between partners can build happiness.

We know that each person has hobbies and interests. If the partners have different hobbies and interests then you will have nothing to talk about that will result to be unhappy together. Additionally, personal interests will make you more attractive to your partner. Also, don’t forget personal care and looks care as a better chubby cheek.

3. Happy partners never fight.

Usually, people who never fight just don’t care. Usually, couples without problems are on their wat to a breakup. We are not approved that foul language or abuse is okay, but small trouble shouldn’t make you worry. It always happens to everyone, and that what you should know you and your partner must learn to understand each other better and better. The making up is always good too.

2. Happy partners like each other’s relatives and friends.

You should not expect that your partner will unconditionally love your friends and family members. The something for you. You choose only each other for the relationship. But after this, you just need to make some interaction with others so that no one gets insulted. The best thing is to communicate your boundaries and hopes to each other and your families.

1. Happy couples are most of the time together.

It’s an illusion to think that the partners in happy couples never part. Sooner or later, really every person in this life wants to spend some time alone. But in harmonious unions, it should give each other personal space calmly. You should understand this and never blame yourself for desiring this. Getting some rest from family duties is necessary. But it doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped loving your partner. That helps preserve feelings or even breathe new life into the relationship.


A lot of the time we learn the characteristics of a “perfect” relationship from movies or ads. But they have little to do with reality. Remember that when noticing your partner’s little flaws. They make them real.

This is just some of Relationship Truths there’s much.


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